Publications and Grants





Erin Ruel, Deirdre Oakley, Susan Saegert (CUNY Graduate Center), and Mary Clare Lennon (CUNY Graduate Center & Columbia Public Health) have been awarded a $500,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The study titled, “Interrupting Place-Based Inequality: Building Sustainable Communities Through Shared Equity Homeownership, examines Community Land Trusts.

Erin Ruel, Deirdre Oakley, Kymberle Sterling, and Katherine Hankins have been awarded $366,152 from the National Institutes of Health for “Variation in Health Outcomes within Disadvantaged Neighborhoods: Person Environment Fit”. The purpose of the study is to understand the role that neighborhood plays in the health and well-being of former public housing residents as they transition to private market homes in new neighborhoods.  We will examine how the creation of new social networks and support are related to reductions in fear of crime and improvements in health.

Lesley Reid, along with Deirdre Oakley and Erin Ruel, have been awarded $150,000 from National Science Foundation (NSF) to examine crime patterns in Atlanta as neighborhood transform with the demolition of public housing and the relocated of residents. This project is part of the ongoing Urban Health Initiative.

Erin Ruel and Deirdre Oakley have been awarded $7,000 from American Sociological Association Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline (FAD) grant to document the public housing relocation process as experienced and seen by the residents themselves. This project is also part of the ongoing Urban Health Initiative.

Burgess, Elisabeth (2008-2010) was awarded an NIA, R21 grant ($325,848) for the study “Negotiating Sexuality and Intimacy in Assisted Living.”

Harvey Wingfield, Adia. (2008) Awarded $15,000 to study gendered uses of federal policy initiatives. Kauffman Foundation/Georgia Research Alliance. Roadmap for an Entrepreneurial Economy Initiative. (2008.) “Assessing How Gender Shapes African Americans’ Use of Small Business Development Centers.”

Oakley, Deirdre and Erin Ruel (2008) was awarded $20,000 from the University of Kentucky’s Poverty Center for their project, “Geographic Trends and Neighborhood Context of Public Housing Relocation in Metropolitan Atlanta: A Longitudinal Analysis”

Heying (Jenny) Zhan (2008) received a $26,000 Fullbright Fellowship for Senior Scholars to conduct research abroad in China for 4 months to further her studies on issues of population aging and eldercare in China. She also received an ISI grant from GSU for $8,000 to establish her research agenda in China.