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Zoe E. R. Fawcett

Graduate Student    

B.A., Sociology and Psychology, Salem College


Gender & Sexuality


Zoe E. R. Fawcett is an alumna of Salem College, with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Psychology. She started the joint M.A./Ph.D. Sociology program here at Georgia State in 2013. Zoe has varied research interests, but in general finds herself looking at topics within the realms of gender, sexual, and/or racial inequality, as well as how we can create counter hegemonic spaces that promote equality and challenge oppressive systems. Her Master’s thesis focused on women’s colleges in the United States and the role that hegemonic masculinity played in how these institutions have been depicted in news media in the past 40+ years (1970’s-2015). She is currently working on her dissertation, which aims to shed light on the pregnancy experiences of individuals that are not “traditionally feminine” in their gender expression or identity. Upon completion of the Ph.D. program Zoe plans to be a Professor of Sociology.