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Veronica B. Salcedo

Graduate Student    

BA History, College of William & Mary, 2002
MA Sociology, Georgia State University, 2018


Race/Ethnicity and Gender


I am a qualitative sociologist exploring racialized and gendered experiences through the perspective of Pinays, women of Filipino descent, who are romantically attracted to other women.


In my master’s thesis, I utilize semi-structured interviews to understand how sexually nonconforming (SNC) Pinays negotiate relationships with their families of origin and choice.  I also explored the raced and gendered experiences of these women. I found that both SNC Pinays and their parents complicate emphasized femininity by selectively using or interpreting aspects of patriarchal gender systems. In addition, older Filipina/Filipina American women seek recognition as successful mothers and aunties by reinforcing conformist displays of femininity. My findings show how intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender limit SNC Pinays’ social and romantic interactions.


Access the full thesis here:


My journey to graduate school would not be possible without the love and support of my family and community.  I am also grateful for the intergenerational oral history projects with the Hampton Roads chapter of the Filipino American National Historical Society as well as the opportunity to sponsor student organizations at Bayside High School in Virginia.