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Monisha Jackson

Graduate Student    

B.A., Geography and Sociology (International), University of Leeds, UK


Race and Gender


Broadly, I am interested in the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. Specifically, I focus on the experiences of queer Black women and Women of Colour (WOC); how we experience intersecting forms of oppression and negotiate our identities in different spaces. I utilise a decolonial Black feminist approach within my research that acknowledges and centers the role of colonialism in contemporary understandings of identity. With another focus on the effects of colonialism in the Anglophone Caribbean, I am also interested in how race and racism operate in Guyana.

I have previously worked extensively on the national Why Is My Curriculum White campaign and decolonizing higher education movement in the UK. I am committed to collective knowledge production and a holistic approach to education that nurtures and prioritises the self, the mind and wellbeing. I believe in education as a space for liberation where the most traditionally and historically marginalised are at the centre of my educational and daily pedagogy.

My undergraduate dissertation won first place in the national Royal Geographical Society-IBG RACE Dissertation Prize 2019/2020. You can read more here: