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James Ainsworth

Associate Professor    Director of Graduate Studies    

Ph.D., Ohio State, 1999


Social Stratification, Race and Ethnic Minorities, Sociology of Education, Family


Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Ainsworth joined the sociology faculty at Georgia State University in the Fall of 1999, after receiving his PhD in Sociology from The Ohio State University. He is a member of both the Race and Urban, and Family and the Life Course concentrations.

His research addresses issues related to social stratification, race and ethnic relations, sociology of education, and the family. He has published work in the American Sociological Review, Social Forces, Sociology of Education, The Journal of Marriage and the Family, and Race and Society. His work addresses issues such as 1) the oppositional culture explanation for racial disparities in educational performance, 2) the mediation of neighborhood effects on educational outcomes, 3) the differential returns to cultural capital across racial groups, 4) the effectiveness of bilingual education, 5) child well being in single-parent households, 6) the relationship between labor market structure, participation in vocational education, and occupational trajectories, and 7) racial disparities in study abroad participation.

At Georgia State he teaches various undergraduate classes including Wealth, Power, and Inequality, Race and Ethnic Relations, Educational Sociology, and Social Research Methods. At the graduate level he teaches Social Inequality, Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Education, and PhD Statistics.


Curriculum Vitae