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Daniel Lanford


PhD in Sociology, Florida State University, 2017
MS in Sociology, Florida State University, 2013
BA in Information Systems, University of Georgia, 2007


Daniel Lanford is the postdoctoral research fellow for the Georgia chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN). This position involves two primary responsibilities. The first is to publish academic research, and the second is to connect Georgia scholars to public policy debates.

Daniel’s research follows two main lines of inquiry. The first explores the causes and consequences of political preferences. So far, this line of research focuses primarily on the relationship between racial and ethnic identity, health policy preferences, and health policy outcomes. A second line of inquiry focuses on the relationship between health policy and health outcomes at the state level.

Besides research, the second responsibility of the SSN fellowship is to bring peer-reviewed research into the public policy debate. This involves connecting scholars at GSU and other Georgia colleges and universities to policymakers, community groups, and the media. Scholars interested in engaging with public policy should contact Daniel at While a key goal of the fellowship is to help build relationships between others, Daniel also draws on his experience in health policy research to engage directly in the public policy debate as a public scholar himself.

Daniel brings to the fellowship several years of teaching (Research Methods; Statistics; Sociological Theory), a range of quantitative and qualitative analytical research skills, experience as a community organizer, and several years of experience in industry as a programmer and information systems analyst

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