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Celessia Cannon

Graduate Student    

B.S., Psychology (Sociology Minor), Kennesaw State University


Race & Sexuality


Celessia “CC” Cannon is a second year joint MA/PhD student originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After being medically retired from the Army, she returned to college and began pursuing her A.S. in Psychology at El Paso Community College. After graduating, she relocated to Georgia and began pursuing her B.S. in Psychology. While at Kennesaw State, she mainly researched Mass Incarceration and Black women in the academy as it relates to mental taxation.

Broadly, her research interests are race, sexuality, and gender. Specifically, the point in which those three areas intersect. She is interested in adopting an intersectional, Afro-pessimism, and black feminist approach. While researching Black women, whether mass incarceration or in the academy, intentionally centering joy is important. Peripheral to the joint degree, she is completing a Graduate Certificate program in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.