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Candace Kemp

Associate Professor, The Gerontology Institute    ,

Ph.D., McMaster University, 2003


Aging and the Life Course, Intergenerational Family Ties, Intimate Relations, and Long-Term Care


Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Kemp arrived at GSU in 2005 as a visiting assistant professor after having completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Western Ontario. She received her Ph.D. from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She holds a joint appointment in the Gerontology Institute and the Department of Sociology and is a member of the “Family, Health, and Life Course” and “Gerontology” concentrations.

Much of Dr. Kemp’s research focuses on topics related to family, aging, and the life course. Her work examines, for example: intergenerational relationships; inheritance; later life couples; work-life balance; formal and informal care; ethnicity and aging; and gender, sexuality and aging. Much of her ongoing research is set in assisted living communities. Dr. Kemp is a co-investigator on two recently concluded studies funded by the National Institute on Aging, “Negotiating Resident Relationships in Assisted Living: The Experience of Residents” (P.I. Mary M. Ball) and “Negotiating Sex and Intimacy in Assisted Living” (P.I. Elisabeth Burgess). Dr. Kemp’s most recent publications appear in The Journals of Gerontology, The Gerontologist, Journal of Applied Gerontology, Journal of Family Issues, and the Journal of Aging Studies. Along with Malcolm P. Cutchin and Victor W. Marshall, Dr. Kemp is co-editor of the 4-volume set, “Researching Social Gerontology”, published by Sage in 2013.

Dr. Kemp teaches Aging and Society, Families and Society, Ethnicity and Aging, and Family, Intimacy, and Aging. She is the Gerontology Institute’s Undergraduate Director and supervises the Gerontology Internship program.


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