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alithia zamantakis

Graduate Student    

B.A. Gender Studies & B.A. Sociology from University of Utah


Gender & Sexuality


alithia’s research interests are interdisciplinary, bridging Queer Theory, Trans Studies, Sociology of Sexualities and Sex & Gender, Feminist Affect Theory, and Critical Race Theory. Her master’s thesis, “Conditionally (Trans)Gendered: Trans/Nonbinary Individuals Negotiating Race and Gender in Intimate Relationships,” explores the work that trans and nonbinary people do to protect themselves and the socially constructed construct of cis-ness while dating/hooking-up with cis people and the affective and discursive racial labor performed by trans/nonbinary people of color in intimate proximity to (trans/nonbinary) whites. Her dissertation, “Thinking Cis,” examines how cisgender, heterosexual men and cisgender, les/bi women construct ideas of desire rooted in cissexism and white supremacy and how cis discourse perpetuates the murders of Black and Brown trans women. She is a co-chair for the ASA Section on the Sociology of Sex & Gender Student Concerns Committee, outgoing co-chair for the ASA Section on the Sociology of Sexualities, Administrative Co-Coordinator for the Sociology Graduate Student Association at GSU, Communications Officer for the GSU Graduate Student Alliance, and a published literary author. Her CV can be found here.