PhD Job Placements

2012 Jungels, Amanda Post-doc Research Fellow – USAPHC Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Programs
2012 Kolozsvari, Orsolya Assistant Professor – College of Coastal Georgia
2012 Brown, Marni Assistant Professor – Georgia Gwinnett College
2012 Parker, Josie Project Manager, Research, Data Analysis – Pathways Community Network
2012 Regus, Pamela Adjunct Professor – Georgia Gwinnett College
2011 Bender, Alexis Senior Marketing Coordinator – Jordan, Jones & Goulding
2011 Charania, Munira Post-doc Teaching Fellow – Tulane University
2011 Daniels, Pamela Epidemiologist – Morehouse School of Medicine
2011 Markle, Gail Assistant Professor – Kennesaw State University
2011 Okonofua, Benjamin Consultant Senior Social Scientist at CGI Federal
2011 Pruitt, Cenate Lecturer – Gainesville State University
2011 Sweatman, William Statistics and Business Intelligence Analyst – The Shepherd Center
2011 Windsor, Elroi Assistant Professor – Salem College, Winston-Salem North Carolina
2010 Combs, Barbara Assistant Professor – The University of Mississippi
2010 Medley-Rath, Stephanie Instructor – Lake Land College
2010 Richards, Melanie Director of Marketing Research – American Cancer Society
2010 Sinha, Cynthia Vising Professor – Georgia State University
2010 Yasumoto, Saori Assistant Professor – Osaka University, Japan
2009 Baird, George James Assistant Professor – Georgia Gwinnett College
2009 Banton, Nicole
2009 Cavalier, Elizabeth Assistant Professor – Georgia Gwinnett College
2009 Harmon, Mary Patricia Regulatory Affairs Manager – Piedmont Hospital
2009 Holland, William Visiting Instructor – Georgia State University
2009 Luo, Baozhen Assistant Professor – Western Washington University
2009 Walters, Mikel Behavioral Scientist – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
2008 Lepore, Michael Director of Quality, Research, &  Evaluation – Planetree
2008 Li, Wei Assistant Professor, Frostburg State University
2008 Mills, Melinda Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Women’s Studies  – Castleton / Vermont State College
2008 Palder, Amy Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Oglethorpe University
2008 Ruddiman, Elizabeth Price Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Office of the Director, DeKalb County Board of Health
2008 Shapkina, Nadejda V. Assistant Professor – Kansas State University
2007 Coin, Francesca University Researcher – University of Venice, Italy / Lecturer – Harvard Summer School
2006 Davis-Sowers, Regina Lecturer – Santa Clara University, California
2006 Konrad, Miriam Senior Lecturer – Georgia State University
2006 Lippard, Cameron Associate Professor – Appalachian State University
2006 Pearson, Fiona Associate Professor – Central Connecticut State University
2006 Ponder, Bentley Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning – Research and Evaluation Director
2005 Gheorghiu-Stephens, Cristina Coordinator, Online Sociology Program – Kennesaw State University
2004 Griffin, Gary Fayette County Board of Education
2004 Luck, Phil Assistant Professor – Radford University (deceased)
2003 Gentry, Quinn Michelle Behavioral Scientist – Message of Empowerment Productions, LLC
2003 Khair, Emilie M. Visiting Instructor – Georgia State University
2003 Williams, Michael D. National Data Manager – Veterans Affairs(former Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech)
2002 Boeri, Miriam Associate Professor – Kennesaw State University
2002 Cochran, Roger Morgan Healthcare Consulting, LLC
2002 Combs, Bess L. n/a
2002 Klein, Gretchen n/a
2002 Perkins, Molly Assistant Professor – Emory University School of Medicine / Gerontology
2002 Verrill, Linda A. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center For Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Office of Scientific Analysis and Support, Consumer Studies
2001 Dolan, Kathleen Associate Professor – University of North Georgia
2000 Fuqua, Ron Professor – Clayton State University
2000 Gregory, Donald Gilbert Associate Professor – Reinhardt University
2000 Lofton, Teresa C. Director of the Office of Health Information and Policy – Georgia Division of Public Health
2000 Moore, Paula Eastern Kentucky University
2000 Rinalducci, Edward Associate Professor – Armstrong Atlantic State University
2000 Sharpe, Tanya Telfair Research Behavioral Scientist – National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention