Internship Program


All students who declare a sociology major after 2019 must complete either SOCI 4980 Internship or SOCI 4990 Capstone to graduate. Each course is three credit hours.

The Internship Program is a structured segue from the academic experience of an undergraduate student of sociology to the professional experience of a trained sociologist; as such, program participants will observe and participate in the organizational culture and processes as an intern at their chosen internship site.

Internship Program participants must intern for 8 hours per week in fall or spring (for a semester total of 112) or 17 hours per week in summer (for a semester total of 119). Work completed before the semester start date will not be counted toward required Internship Program hours. In addition, the Internship Program requires coursework that involves professional development as preparation for work readiness and applying sociological expertise to intern experience.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to conceptualize and operationalize their career trajectory. To assess progress toward this objective, course assignments evaluate how effectively Internship Program participants signify sociology in the context of the lived experience of work at their intern site and in their desired career as well as how well program participants express job marketability via skills gained while interning.


To be admitted to the Internship Program and register for SOCI 4980, a student must:

  1. Be a declared Sociology major or minor.
  2. Have earned a final grade of C or better in SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology.
  3. Have earned at least 60 credit hours toward their degree.
  4. Have earned a final grade of C- or better in at least three SOCI 3000-level and/or SOCI 4000-level courses.
  5. Receive confirmation via email of appointment at an acceptable internship site from their internship site supervisor.
  6. Submit a complete program application by the appropriate due date.
    • Fall semester due date: July 15
    • Spring semester due date: November 1
    • Summer semester due date: April 1


Click here to access and submit the program application.


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