Internship Program


Internships are a type of experiential learning that provides students with both observational and hands-on knowledge to enhance their academic endeavors and increase their ability to perform professionally. The central tenant of the internship program is that meaningful knowledge is “created through the transformation of experience” as described in the university’s Signature Experience Initiative. Students are expected to apply knowledge from their previous classes to professional settings that are appropriate to sociology.

The objective of this internship course, is then, to provide students with actual work experiences where they will gain and experience transformative knowledge to succeed in social service, non-profit organizations, and local and state governments. Students are expected to reflect their experiences, sociologically in writing at the end of this course. Students are under the direction of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, throughout the term of the internship.


***We WILL accept applications via email***

Internship Application



Fall Semester: July 15th

Spring Semester: November 1st

Summer Semester: April 1st



Chantel Delions