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Center for Neighborhoods and Communities Faculty

Name Dept. Email Interests
Ben Kail, Asso. SOCI health/disability, social relationships, aging and the life course, quantitative methods
Deirdre Oakley, Prof. SOCI place-based inequality, housing neighborhood change
Daniel Pasciuti, Asst. SOCI contemporary and historical processes of urbanization and urban development
Donald Reitzes, Center Director SOCI identities and behavior of downtown homeless people and how urban identities and attachments influence well-being.
Amy Spring, Asst. SOCI neighborhood context, residential mobility, spatial inequality in the city
Eric Wright, Prof. SOCI health problems and disparities in minority and vulnerable communities
Marni Davis, Asso. HIST history of immigration and ethnicity, history of Atlanta’s Summerhill and South Side neighborhoods
Chad Keller, Dir. HIST Director of Master of Heritage Preservation Program
Jeffrey Trask, Asso. HIST transformation of urban spaces, mapping of Atlanta’s food networks/movement
J.T. Way, Asso. HIST urban space and youth culture in modern Guatemala
Kathryn Wilson, Asso. HIST immigrant and refugee communities, oral histories with refugee women in Clarkston, public histories
Sierra Carter, Asst. PSYC racial disparities, physical and mental health of under representative populations programs in urban schools in US
Ciara Smalls Glover, Asso. PSYC culturally distinctive family processes that buffer risk behaviors for African American and Latino American emerging adults
Chris Henrich, Prof. PSYC comprehensive school safety in Atlanta Public Schools
Gabriel Kuperminc, Prof. PSYC school and community based prevention and health promotion programs
Laura McKee, Asso. PSYC depression among African American youth from single mother headed families, youth with chronically ill mothers, and children of depressed caregivers
Sarita Davis, Asso. AAS HIV, faith institutions, African American communities in Atlanta
Maurice Hobson, Asso. AAS African American history, race, politics, and class in Atlanta
Jeffrey Glover, Asso. ANTH GSU’s MARTA archaeological collection: investigations of the material culture of Atlanta’s past
Jennifer Patico, Asso. ANTH community and class politics in the context of children’s food and parenting in Atlanta
Katherine Hankins, Chair GEOS faith based community development in inner city neighborhoods
Richard Milligan, Asst. GEOS urban and suburban geographies of race and nature in Atlanta
Antonius Skipper, Asst GERO Older African Americans in Atlanta, Religion and health, marital dyads
Chivon Mingo, Asso. GERO aging African American in Atlanta, aging in place, chronic health

Community Outreach Reports and Guides

Eviction Courts in Georgia

Courts in Crisis: Exploring the Impact of Vovid-19 on Eviction Courts in Georgia, Lauren Sudeall, College of Law, and Daniel Pasciuti, Department of Sociology, with Tabitha Ingle and Kam Williams (May 2020).

Courts in Crisis Part II: The Uneven Spatial Dynamics of Dispossessory Courts in Georgia, Daniel Pasciuti, Department of Sociology, and Lauren Sudeall, College of Law, with George Usmanov, Tabitha Ingle, and Joy Dillard Appel (November 2020).

Praxis and Paradox: Inside the Black Box of Eviction Court, Lauren Sudeall, College of Law, and Daniel Pasciuti, Department of Sociology (November 2020).

Homeless Youth in Metro Atlanta

Atlanta Youth Count 2018 Community Report: The Prevalence of Sex and Labor Trafficking Among Homeless Youth in Metro Atlanta, Eric Wright and Ana Laboy (October 2019).

Urban Drivers of Resilient Youth (ResY): Active Projects

Urban Drivers of Resilient Youth (ResY) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers. Here is a link to their active projects:

Status of Women in Georgia: 1970 to Today

How Far Yet to Go: The Status of Women in Georgia 1970 and Today, by Deirdre Oakley and Ifeanyi Ukpabi, Department of Sociology, was commissioned by the ACLU Foundation of Georgia, (June 2020).

Interactive Digital History of Georgia Avenue

Streetscape Palimpsest: A History of Georgia Avenue, by Marni Davis (Department of History).

Atlanta Studies Website

Atlanta Studies is a digital publication of the Atlanta Studies Network, featuring articles and blog postings about Atlanta.

Media Coverage of Faculty Research on Atlanta

Deirdre Oakley was interview on WABE’s “Closer Look with Rose Scott” on “Women’s History Month: Report Reveal Status of Georgia Women, Podcast Investigates Gender Pay Gap, Mentors in Engineering, Black Women in History of Rock & Roll,” (3/24/2021).

Daniel Pasciti and Lauren Sudeall were quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s story on “Covid-19 Exposes the Black Community‘s long History of Housing Instability,” (2/27/2021).
Deirdre Oakley was quoted in “How Atlanta’s Politics Overtook the Suburbs, Too,”
in The New York Times (12/9/2020).

Sierra Carter’s article, “Racial Discrimination Ages Black Americans Faster, According to a 25-Year Long Study of Families) appeared in The Conversation (11/17/2020).

Deirdre Oakley was quoted in “ ‘He’s Just Fanning the Flames.’ Trump’s Vow to Protect Suburbs Rings Hollow in One,” in the Los Angeles Times (9/7/20).

Deirdre Oakley was quoted in, “COVID-19 Crisis Spotlights Importance of Equitable Transit-Oriented Development,” in the SaportaReport (5/13/2020).

Sierra Carter was interviewed on WABE’s “Closer Look with Rose Scott” on “The Link Between Early Life Discrimination to Depression and Accelerated Aging in African Americans,” (11/1/2019).

Deirdre Oakley was quoted in “Can After-school Program at Apartment Complex Turn Around a Failing School?,” in YouthToday (12/11/2018).

Deirdre Oakley was quoted in “Atlanta’s Housing Authority Stopped Building Rental Units for Nearly a Decade. Can It Make Up For Lost Time?,” in Atlanta Magazine (11/13/2018).

Deirdre Oakley was quoted in a story on WABE, “Battle Over Empty Land Touches On Atlanta’s Approach To Affordable Housing,” (1/19/2018).