Admissions deadline is January 15, 2021 if you want to be considered for funding.

March 15, 2021 is our final admission deadline.

The Department of Sociology at GSU administers graduate programs that to lead M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Students who enter our programs will embark on a journey that has been carefully crafted to provide them with a solid foundation in research methodologies, statistics and theory. Our curriculum is designed to expose students to the broad discipline of sociology, while simultaneously training them to develop expertise in specific areas within the discipline, as they pursue their own research agendas.

Our approach is to enable students to apply sociological principles in a real-world environment and to foster a collaborative scholarly community amongst students and faculty. Our students are actively involved in every area of academia; conducting research, presenting at national conferences, co-authoring and publishing articles, or being a part of our graduate teacher training program.

Our programs benefit immensely from being located in the heart of Atlanta, one of the most vibrant urban areas in the U.S. This connection with a large and vivacious community provides the natural and ideal learning environment for teaching our specialties; Health, Life Course, Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Urban Studies.