Celebration of Scholarship

Posted On May 17, 2017
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About the Event:

Welcome to the Georgia State University Department of Sociology’s inaugural Celebration of Scholarship! Sociological scholarship offers a unique lens through which to understand complex social processes, systems of inequality, community institutions, and dynamic patterns of group interaction, whether present in our backyard of metro Atlanta or in other corners of the globe. Today, we take a moment to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions made by our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni over the past academic year.


Daniel Copeland – Margaret Andersen Scholarship

Cheryn Moore – Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Erin Sullivan – Community Service Award

Brianna Harley – Undergraduate Award

Kandarp Shah – Undergraduate Award

Kiersten Kummerow – Teaching Associate Award

Amanda Powell – Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Maxine Atkinson, Ph.D. – Outstanding Graduate Alum

Brenda Lopez Romero – Outstanding Undergraduate Alum