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Zoe E. R. Fawcett

Graduate Student    

B.A., Sociology and Psychology, Salem College


Gender & Sexuality


Zoe Fawcett is an alumna of Salem College, with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Psychology. She is in the Gender and Sexuality concentration of the Sociology program. Her thesis focuses on women’s colleges and both how they are perceived by greater society, as well as how they create their own image through their websites and admissions materials. She is also interested in analyzing how those things may play a role in why so many women’s colleges have closed in recent years. A few of Zoe’s other research interests include: gender inequality in general, as well as within academia, sexual violence and how it is perpetuated, as well as how we can create counter hegemonic spaces that promote equality and challenge oppressive systems. Upon completion of the Ph.D. program Zoe plans to be a Professor of Sociology.